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Don't Let Inferior Law Firms Get Priority Over You On Search Engines. It's Just Not Right!

“Just know Google is the judge and jury. Our online success depends on building a strong SEO profile” – Derek M., Houston Injury Law Firm.

Original, Custom Content

Our writers know content. Many of them are actually JDs. In the past content was just loading a bunch of keywords on a page and you'd rank. Not anymore! And we know what to do.

Strong, Contextual Backlinks

We maintain relationships with industry sites from around the internet, and can get your website valid, contextually correct links that point to your website as an authority in the legal space.

Technical SEO For Lawyers

It's our job to make sure your site is optimized and technically correct. We are constantly making adjustments to your site to show search engines that you're a reliable source and you should be shown for legal keywords.

An Emerging Opportunity

What is Local SEO For Lawyers?

Law firm SEO (search engine optimization) is how your content is optimized so that it can be recognized by search engines. The better it is done, the higher your firm will rank in search engines. The higher you rank in search engines, the more prospective clients will be sent your way from Google. Your link will show up in Google’s organic search results. Once a client clicks on your link, they will be directed to your website and if your content is what they are looking for, they will reach out to you. The big challenge with law SEO is getting your website to rank higher than your competitors in the organic search results. Keep in mind that there are many other law firms using legal SEO, to compete for a higher rank.

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Depending on the marketing and the amount of “juice” we’re putting in, most firms see results start to trickle in in 6 months and noticeable results in months 9 to 12.

If you’re looking for cheap, we’re not your guys. We know how to make the needle move and our SEO packages and strategies are for lawyers who are dedicated to getting more clients online.

We are striving to be the only clear choice for lawyer marketing. Each of our strategies are built around getting your law firm more leads, better cases, and awesome clients.

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You May Ask... "What Do I Get When I Work With Your Team?"

For Starters... A Lot

Your Profile Analysis
Firm Research & Discovery | Step #1
Voice-of-Customer & Competitor Research | Step #2

Gathering of critical close competitor data, voice-of-customer messaging and legal marketing tactics via:

What We Call The "Big Data Dig" | Step #3

Here we add up steps #1 & #2 and start putting together the ultimate strategy from search engines, competitors and both your short & long term goals. 

Competitor Break-Down & Analysis | Step #4

Let’s learn from other firms successes – Oh, and failures. Often competitor profiles can show us market trends, and areas where we can beat them to finish line.

Complete Strategy Buildout
Let's Do It Right. Right From The Start | Step #5

Next, we use everything we learned to build a custom, data-driven, targeted law firm strategy to drive more traffic, calls, consults – and let’s not forget – revenue.

Love Our Strategy +
Give Us The Green Light
It's Time To Put The Wheels In Motion | Step #6

We get to stop dreaming and start doing. It’s that simple!

Monitor, Tweak & Optimize
Let's let the results start to pour in | Step #7

Now, we simply watch what we’ve built start to work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to remember that when you embark on your SEO strategy you are competing with firms who have been doing their own strategies for years, and in some cases decades. This is important to remember when answering this question.

Typically, we start to see traction right around the 3-4 month mark for most campaigns. Months 9-12 is where we start to see a significant uptick in organic SEO leads. After year 1 the keywords start to see a major volume spike.

By years 2, 3 and 4 your firm’s digital presence will be seeing exponential growth year-over-year and you’ll never look back. We like firms who are committed to this SEO process and understand they need to work at this for at least 12 to 18 months. 

We know that roughly 35% of all traffic will gravitate toward paid search (PPC). Nearly 65% of search traffic ends on organic (SEO) results. With that said, it’s very important to have the entire pie, not just a piece.

To answer the question, no single way provides “better” leads. In some instances and with certain keyword phrases we may recommend one way over another – injury firms should do both as clients are looking to speak to someone immediately while a litigation firm may attract clients looking for answer to individual challenges and we usually recommend an SEO-heavy strategy. Both are a very valid clients, each one may choose a very different avenue to find the firm.

The best time to start SEO was YESTERDAY! All kidding aside, it does time some time to ramp up and competition is fierce. Do not wait on taking you law firm SEO to the next level. The time truly is now.

"I expected these guys to be a regular marketers. What we got was way more."

They listened carefully to our needs, learned about our firm, then implemented that into really sharp marketing strategy. They knew exactly how to position our SEO efforts so we were able to be out the competition within 6 months in New York City. I’d recommend to anyone trying to get new cases on-line.


NYC Personal Injury Law Firm

"We saw a huge Spike In New Cases Starting In The First 14 Days."

They are great! We got started and they took their time to set us up for success the right way. They spent time with us, provided us realtime progress updates, and most importantly, within 14 days of their efforts going live we started signing up clients online. We’ve tried other teams in the past, these guys are the real deal.

Mark L.

Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm

"We've Been Trying To Capture More Catastrophic Injury Cases. This Team Was Able To Deliver."

Catastrophic injury cases we’re always hard to get. We got plenty of car accidents, medical malpractice and trip and falls. We couldn’t find the oil rig accidents. The 18-wheeler crashes. The amputation cases. Somehow they pull it off every time. Starting day 1 they were noticeably different from any of our past providers. Attentive, quick to respond, built a really comprehensive strategy. I’d recommend letting them work their magic for you.

Kim T.

Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

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